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Teenagers are nowadays more shaped by their pears than by their parents

6. 5. 2010

 I have been many times confronted with inflexibility and boredom of themes for English essays. Writing has become only mechanical filling one pattern composed of four articles, the same words and absolutely boring and always the same themes. One of them was: Teenagers are nowadays more shaped by their peers than by their parents. Not only I did not know what a peer was, I hated the theme anyway. And that moment I said to myself: What about reforming this outmoded style of writing a little?

 Let us establish more freedom, more colours and more possibilities! With one little change in the title, the article may become a funny masterpiece of the youths’ fantasy and creativity. Much as I love fruit, it was not caused by my affections. I am a very creative creature and those boring things like upbringing by peers or parents were really killing me. However, one little change causes that I am very much interested!

 It is usually argued whether the parents influence teenagers whatsoever. I dare say yes, they do, definitely. Parents always affect us although the pear is able to have very destroying effect on our behaviour. One wise proverb says that upbringing must be done with examples, no matter whether forbidding or not. When only words shower us all day long, then a pear appears to form us to its example. After some time, our parents do not catch to wonder, we have been already brought up by the pear and no hope for altering us remained. On the other hand, parents are able to affect us even when we are adult so they can calmly say that hope dies the last.

 The pear can be extremely malicious. Considering how large effects has all the upbringing, one little pear might change our future, hobbies and friends, generally our entire future life. People formed by pears are usually more interested in maths than is bearable for their state of health. Moreover, they hate dancing and are exceedingly fond of being praised in front of other people. This may be caused by lack of praise in their pearful childhood and adolescence. Let us call them ‘the Pear people’. The Pear people statistically die more of traffic accidents and cancer of left legs’ little toe. They seem to display sings of triviality in spheres like cooking or tying the laces. Simply, it is not worth having more free time when you have to tie the laces of your son till he is twenty five. This also causes social problems at schools of all ages.

 To sum up, do not let your child be shaped by the pear! It will bring only problems – can you imagine your child being a maths genius? Let not this disease spread. Avoid this danger and bring up your descendants yourselves.



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